Dear all,

    From 1997, Xingye Machinery have never stop to grow up, during more than 10 years, our multiple forward leap allow us to be an integrated part of the development of the mining trackless equipment in china

    Now Xingye Machinery has established good cooperation with many domestic famous enterprises, such as Zinjin Mining, Yunnan Chihong, Jinchengxin Mining,Yunnan Copper Group, Zhaojin Mining and so on, attesting of the value and good reputation of the machine with our brand-name, opening the foreign markets of Central Asia, Northeast Asia, Africa, South America and Africa and so on. highlights our industrial excellence

    we know that the dynamism of the Chinese mining industry, as well as the support and trust of our customers are the foundation of Xingye Machinery.Today, our extraordinary development is inseparable from the interest and support of our customers and friends.

    As China private company, we insist on the principle of “revitalize national industry”, and supply the best quality for trackless mining equipment for customers all over the world.

    From the starting point, we always participate to the technical innovation and scientific by our goal to be strict, serious, delicate and perfect.

    Shadowing the technical evolution and continuously fortify our competence, our innovation and the improvement of our after sales-service, giving our best to satisfy of customers.

    More than our employees efforts, we invite with open arms, our friends and customer to make cooperation and complementarity to create a flourishing common future and continue the prosperity through the ages.